Fried Gram Karam Podi Andhra Style

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Pudi or podi is a generic south indian term that refers to powder & Fried karam Podi well go with Rice,Rotis,Sandwich,Chutney with Pakodas & Parathas and any snacks.

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Fried Gram | Gunpowder | Putnala Karam Podi |Curry Powder Andhra Style ,100% Homemade

Fried Gram Karam podi is made using Fried Gram , pairs well with hot rice and even curd rice too.It’s also called as Gun Powder,Added with hot ghee give you an additional taste.Roasted gram, also known as roasted chickpeas, are eaten as snack in South-Asian countries with raisins.There wouldn’t be any disagreement on the fact that these are in fact a healthy snack. The reason people in South-Asia have included these snack in their daily intakes is the old tradition passed on to the generations with a belief that roasted grams increase stamina. But all of the other health benefits that roasted grams have to serve are yet unknown to people. So we have compiled some more worth knowing reasons to make roasted grams a part of your diet. Pudi or podi is a generic south indian term that refers to powder & Fried karam Podi well go with Rice,Rotis,Sandwich,Chutney with Pakodas & Parathas and any snacks.


Benefits of Fried Gram:

Roasted gram has been proven by a number of researches to be very healthy for type 1 diabetic patients,Roasted gram provides iron, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and vitamin To a body, all of which contributes in maintaining strength.

Roasted gram can help in stabilizing blood pressure and keeping it low because these contain potassium in a great amount which could rectify the effect of sodium in the blood. So the intake of roasted grams can be an eminent source of stabilizing blood pressure.

Fiber is one of the 4 content that support heart health. It reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood eventually lowering the risk of undergoing a heart disease. According to one study those who have an intake of 4090 mg of potassium per day had 49 percent less risk of death from a heart disease.

The mineral selenium that is rarely found in fruits or vegetables is present in roasted grams. This mineral detoxifies some cancer-causing compounds from the blood and also helps inreducing inflammation and tumor growth. It even reduces risk of getting colorectal cancer, being rich in high-fiber content.

According to some researchers, the intake of roasted grams in your diet will decrease the level of low-lipoprotein which is bad cholesterol in your bloodstream.

Being rich in high-fiber content roasted grams helps in promoting regularity in your digestive tract.



Key Features :

High quality chilies and spices from Andhra are used.

Shelf Life: 3 Months

Used pure groundnut oil ,Prepared in very less batch like 2 to 3 KG

Fried Gram directly collected from the farmers and washed under fresh water and neatly cleaned before processing.

Prepared traditionally without losing the recipe.

Directions: For use in Hot Rice,Rotis,Sandwich,Chutney with Pakodas & Parathas and any snacks.



No artificial colors ,No artificial flavour, No preservatives and Gluten Free


Ingredients Used :

Fresh Fried Gram, Guntur red chilli powder, Pure Groundnut oil, Salt, Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds, Asafoetida, Tamarind and garlic.


Storage Instruction:

Please Refrigerate after opening & Please don’t use a wet spoon to serve as it might spoil the product







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