About Us

To begin with, we belong to the Andhra region which is located in the Southern Part of the country. My name is Suvarchala being the founder of “Amoga’s Pickles Factory” ,we supply Pickles, Curry Powders and many more Snacks which were so traditionally followed for many years.

Amoga’s Pickles Factory was born with the ideology to serve the taste of Andhra to the overall parts of our country and even the rest of the world. To kick-start about the brand was even though we had an experience of preparation of foods from decades, we were live with the Online supplies from the past 4 Years. With the extensive support and help of my mother in -law and Father in -law, we were able to start the Brand “Amoga’s Pickles Factory” which brings the home-made taste, by following all the procedures homemade.

Apart from this, we help farmers by purchasing all the raw materials direct from them. All ingredients used are best in quality and with respect to Oil, we specially go with Groundnut Oil which is healthier and enhances the taste of Pickles, Curry Powders, and snacks.

All the food preparation was done in very few batches like 3 to 5 KG’s, which keep the Aroma, taste, and flavour on the higher side. With respect to the safety adherence, we take many precautions while preparation like the sanity of the workplace, wearing masks, head covers, hand gloves. We wish you please taste the “Amoga’s Pickles Factory” foods and experience the best in taste and stay healthy